Providing Compassionate Family Dentistry from Our Family to Yours

Oral health greatly influences the quality of your everyday life. When you want to make sure your family maintains their best oral health, you should work with a practice that can meet the unique needs of every member.

At Owens Family Dental, our team of family dentists is proud to provide a wide range of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental treatments tailored to every age. Contact our Baton Rouge dental practice to schedule an appointment and discover all the options for improving your family’s dental health.


Why Should My Family See a Family Dentist?

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Family dentistry focuses on diagnosing, monitoring, and treating the many unique dental and oral health conditions of every age. That means we can take care of you, your spouse, your children, in-laws, and grandparents, all under one roof. We are just as comfortable looking after the oral health of seniors as we are of developing youth.

What Type of Family-Focused Services Do You Offer?

Our team provides a comprehensive approach to dental care that pairs prevention with compassionate techniques and patient education. Our family-focused services typically include:

Do You Need a Family to See a Family Dentist?

Absolutely not! Our practice gladly welcomes individual patients as well as families for receiving the dental care they need and deserve.

The benefit of seeing our family-friendly dentists even without a family is knowing that we have skill and experience to help keep your smile healthy throughout your entire lifetime. Plus, if or when you do start a family, you’ll know you have a reliable dental team you can trust to take care of everybody’s needs.

Building Trust with Compassionate Consultations

Whether you’re looking to straighten your teen’s smile, replace missing teeth for a parent, or it’s simply time for your bi-annual visit, you can rest assured knowing we possess the compassion, skill, and technologies to do it all. Our dentists take the time to get to know each individual and their history.

In addition to doing all we can to keep wait times to an absolute minimum, consultations are a time for our team to gain a full understanding of any fears, questions, and concerns surrounding your oral health.

We take the time to explain each treatment and why it is important, and we never suggest a procedure that isn’t necessary. When you have a family, budget is important, so we help you create a plan that is not financially overwhelming.

Advanced, Digital X-Rays

Dentist watching a dental x-ray teeth with dental pivot on digital tablet

Our digital and panoramic X-rays are vital tools for prevention. They provide us with detailed images of your teeth, gums, and overall facial structures for diagnosing conditions often unnoticeable with the naked eye alone.

X-rays expose hidden structures such as wisdom teeth, disclose preliminary cavity indications, and can also display signs of fractures and bone loss.

Thorough Dental Exams

Regular dental examinations help protect not only your oral health but your overall health as well. For example, the earliest signs of certain systemic conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and diabetes, can often appear first in the mouth.

When examining your smile and the smiles of your loved ones, we are often the first health professionals to find indications of disease, and when we do, we calmly discuss your treatment options and suggest you make an appointment with your doctor.

Also, exams give us the chance to provide helpful tips on caring for your smile properly, as well as detecting oral health problems early.

Detailed, yet Gentle Cleanings

Professional teeth cleanings are important for two reasons:

  1. To prevent disease, and oral toxins affecting the rest of the body
  2. To prevent tooth loss

Teeth cleanings remove the buildup of plaque and tartar. This buildup is, for the most part, natural as there are both harmful and helpful bacteria in the mouth. But too much buildup can lead to gum disease.

The proper removal of plaque buildup with dental cleanings keeps the potentially-harmful bacteria found in plaque at bay, further preventing the development of gum disease, which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Exercising Prevention Through Patient Education

Two woman look at the tooth picture on a tablet at dentist office

Preventive measures seek to prevent dental and oral health problems. At our dental office, we want to help you keep your smile perfect for life. Preventive care will help make that happen, and we believe that it requires a collaborative effort. This means working together to ensure good oral health and hygiene is achieved throughout every stage of life.

We believe in working with our patients and educating them on the importance of at-home oral care, as well as staying diligent with their bi-annual check-ups, we can establish positive lifelong habits of dental care.

How to Take Care of Your Smile Properly

To better ensure optimal oral health throughout your home, we highly recommend diligent attention to the basics, including:

  1. Brushing your teeth twice daily for at least two to three minutes.
  2. Flossing after brushing.
  3. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush to avoid gum and tooth irritation.
  4. Scheduling a dental visit right away if you notice anything unusual.
  5. Including vitamin, A, and C supplements in your diet to ensure gum health.

When Should My Young Child Visit the Dentist?

Although kids usually don't get their first teeth until they're about six months old, and they eventually lose those teeth, regular dental care is still important. We suggest bringing your children in for their first appointment as soon as their first tooth erupts, or by their first birthday.

What Can I Expect from My Child’s First Dental Appointment?

Child with cute smile sits at dentist chair with napkin

It can be a challenging job for any parent to introduce kids to the dentist. Usually, children are very nervous about visiting the dentist. We understand this problem, which is why we provide relaxed "meet and greets " for their first office visit.

The first visit is an excellent way to eliminate any fears or anxieties and allows us to see how your child reacts to a new environment. From there, we can properly adjust and customize care for future dental appointments.

Making Dental Care Fun

Contrary to popular belief, dental care can be fun, especially for the young! As the parent, you can set the example by making oral health care at home, a positive and exciting bonding experience.

5 Tips for Establishing Good Dental Habits for Kids

  1. Let your child pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste
  2. Make brushing fun by doing it with your child, maybe with a song or video
  3. Try coming up with an exciting game when you practice brushing, flossing, and rinsing
  4. When feeding your child nutritional meals, make them together!
  5. Schedule dental exams before school starts, get them excited to show off their healthy, clean smile to their new classmates!

Customized Dental Care for Your Teen and Young Adult

Close up portrait of Teen girl with dental braces and doctor with patient in background

If your teen is already busy with friends, schoolwork, and sleep catch-up, the right oral hygiene may be on the back burner. Sometimes there is no time for a complete two minutes of brushing when running late for college.

But as a parent, making sure your teen practices excellent dental care is up to you. By making oral hygiene part of a straightforward daily routine, you can help them establish good habits that will stay with them as they become adults.

As teenagers keep growing, they face certain dental problems, such as getting braces or removing their wisdom teeth. This can something negatively affect their confidence if they are already concerned with their appearance.

From discreet teeth whitening, and natural-looking fillings, to Invisalign® clear braces, our office provides many treatments to keep your teen’s smile healthy and confident.

Dental Care for Adults

At Owens Family Dental, we know the requirements of our adult clients are distinct from our younger patients. To keep you smiling every day of the week, we offer basic preventive care for all patients! Gum disease is more of an adult concern than cavities and is the number one cause of adult tooth loss. Luckily, it can be prevented, treated, and often reversed!

We have a range of non-surgical to restorative treatments to help those with advanced gum disease or missing teeth. We can restore not only the health of your smile but also the aesthetics and structure, from dental implants to CEREC® crowns and bridges.

Helping Senior Smiles Remain Healthy and Radiant

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As we get older, the focus for many is on gum disease or tooth loss. Our team will show you how healthy gums will help you keep your teeth well into the golden years. A healthy diet and meticulous oral hygiene are also important.

Regardless of damage or loss, we provide a wide variety of tooth replacement options depending on the severity of your issue. From implants to dentures, there will always be a solution that is right for you at our practice.

Contact Owens Family Dental for Comprehensive Dentistry You Can Trust

For many years, our family-owned practice has served the community, helping patients of all ages attain excellent oral health and truly radiant teeth.

Call Owens Family Dental in Baton Rouge to see how our team can help you or a loved one. We will answer any questions, check your insurance coverage, and schedule your first visit. Our family looks forward to meeting yours!



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